Sunday, October 2, 2011

Life is fun!

It's been FOREVER since I've posted, but three kids will do that to ya! So here are some pics of what we have been up to:
The kids are obsessed with the ice cream truck, so whenever we here it we run out, this is their first ice creams from the ice cream man!


First time swimming in our little kids pool

Monday night = carousal, it's always our FHE activity

My girls playing


This is Kenny watching Peppa Pig...not a pose, this is really just how he sits on the couch to watch his favorite cartoon!

This is how Anna goes bed shopping

We went to the aquarium, but the kids weren't really liking it after a kid starting screaming, but got a little more into it again toward the end.

Gordon loves this picture, this is how we often find Sadie and have to adjust her!

Sadie sits in the shopping cart like a big girl!

Anna is very good at sharing, and on this day decided to surround Sadie with all the stuffed animals!

Anna and Sadie

Anna before church

Kenny and Anna...we try to do mini photo shoots, but my kids are sooo not into them, the Garner gene skipped out on my kids, so these are as cute as they get!

Sadie baby before church

Kenny and Sadie before church

Me and my girls at the park. We were waiting for Kenny's friends birthday party to end, and Gordon found this fun park to pass the time!

Kenny's first day of pre-school!!!!! He is such a big boy now, I love hearing about what he learned!

Mercury game! It was totally awesome, we were like two rows back right behind their bench! I high fived like every cool player on their team when they came out after halftime, definitely the best game I've been to!

Sadie is a crawling machine now, and has even pulled herself up twice, watch out world!

Sadie loves to play in Anna's room, and it gives me a little time where I don't have to hold her, so I love it too!

Yes, she still sucks the thumb!


Me and my Anna Boo

Yes, this is what Anna does in the car, she is learning the workings of her seat and is so proud of herself when she does this!

It's fun that Kenny is older and he can have friends over to play...even if he is a booger sometimes!

My Anna angel

Kenny is his Halloween costume!

Anna modeling her Dora hat

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Life has been busy and so much fun lately. Besides what is posted we have been busy with birthdays,church callings, swim lessons, a Vegas trip while dad was in the hospital, my mom coming out, practices and getting Anna ready for dance, which starts next week!! I just wanted to take time to document some of the things that we've been doing.

We recently took a trip to Vegas to visit my dad, it was a lot of fun. We did a lot of things: zoo, chocolate factory, dinner, and the Dino Park. Picture were taken by everyone, these are some of the ones from Gordon's phone at the Dino Park

Gordon's work had a company get together at a local theme park, the kids had a blast

Sean went with Kenny on the go carts

Of course, a carousel


One of the little spinning boat rides

Easter was so much fun this year. The kids actually had three hunts, this is just of the one from our house on Easter morning.

On the hunt Easter Morning

Showing off some of him eggs

Kenny with red ranger

Anna and her phone

Both my babes with their baskets

Kenny played some T-Ball this spring, and while he probably enjoyed soccer more, he kept telling us he was having fun, so that's good. He was definitely the kid who picked grass, but he had fun making friends. His best friend Ryan was on the team with him, so that was fun.

Kenny in his uniform

Kenny hitting the ball

He made lots of new friends

Blue Sox taking the field

Kenny and Ryan

I haven't blogged much lately (difficult with a baby), but I love my life. I may not document everything, but I have a blast with my family, they bring me so much happiness every day and I just enjoy being around them and playing with them. Being a mom is the best; I get to be a Nighlok (bad guy from Power Rangers), a coach helping Kenny with his exercises, a singer, a dancer, a cook...anything with my babies. Here are just some every day pics